Curious Art presents Come Fly with Me

The Curious artists invite you to the riverside Gallery to enjoy our all original artworks in a Come Fly with Me experience, looking across to the panorama of the Tweed River. This is the first of 6 new Curious Art exhibitions that will showing at the Gallery in 2015.Works include: sculpture, textiles, paintings, drawings, books and photography. Curious Art is an artists run initiative. Est. 2001 to the current time.

Curious Art presents – Come Fly with Me Art Exhibition
Bubble Flower – photography by Tracy Jay
The Gathering – photography by Michael Bryant
helz-merf-bustaII Photography by Clare Bryant
Coral – Painting by Larraine Bryant
PMT – Drawing by Clare Johnson
Duality – photography by Ness Bryant

The Hungry Ocean

Exhibition continues…

featuring the work of  Michael Bryant and Tracy Jay

The Hungry Ocean has been showing for the last two weeks.  There have been many visitors to the Gallery who don’t live in the immediate area and are amazed at the extent of the erosion Kingscliff has suffered since 2009. The extensive body of photographic work chronicles the massive coastal erosion events affecting the tourist town of Kingscliff Beach from 2009-2011.

An entire foreshore has effectively been reclaimed by the ocean. Hundreds of trees and sea grass that grew upon the dunes and walk tracks to the beach are either buried under the sand or have been renoved by Tweed Shire Council.

A service road to the car park at the southern end of the beach literally fell into the ocean during 2009/2010. There is a a wilderness of sand now extending  from the northern wall to just south of the Surf Club. Major works are still been undertaken from the Club House to the Bowling Club. The jury is still out on the future of this local foreshore…

The exhibition aims to promote awareness of the local issue as a microcosm of global events.
March 21st to May 6th
Showing now at Curious Art Gallery

The Gallery is one of the 45+ participating venues during the QLD Festival of Photography 4

Queensland Festival of Photography4

Queensland Festival of Photography4

The Hungry Ocean featuring artists from Curious Digital Photography - Michael Bryant + Tracy Jay

Curious Art presents:
The Hungry Ocean featuring artists from Curious Digital Photography - Michael Bryant + Tracy Jay

2012 International Year of Co-operatives

2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives

Here at Curious Art Co-operative we have been loving it for more than ten years and now the United Nations is calling it: 2012 has been recognised as the International Year of Co-operatives. This is an acknowledgement by the international community that co-operatives drive the economy, respond to social change, are resilient to the global economic crisis and are serious, successful businesses creating jobs in all sectors.

For more information, go to our website

Our Gallery will be hosting a special exhibition early this year based on the theme of the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives. (:

“Empowered by Art” – International Year of Cooperatives Exhibition
08/02/12 to 18/03/12

The last (but not final) word on…

The exhibition TEN

was clearly one of the top ten exhibitions help by the Gallery.
A milestone for the Curious Art Cooperative.
Curious Art has held over 70 themed exhibitions and attracted over 50 artists from various locations within the Tweed Shire + beyond during the last 10 years.

The objectives are clear:

  • Promote professional development
  • Provide a sustainable, unique, cultural asset for the Tweed Shire + beyond!

Before the ten year exhibition TEN concludes…  some comments from crowd.

The opening of TEN. A milestone exhibition for Curious Art Gallery

  • A great get together
  • A brilliant milestone
  • Love you guys – great hanging
  • How great to come back to this Gallery once more. The paintings are fabulous
  • Congrats on Ten years of being Curious. Lots of dedication and curious minds here
  • Congrats and wish for another ten years
  • Interesting. Different
  • So many happy memories from the past ten years. Thanks for all the amazing support over the years and for instilling the Curiousity
  • Great exhibition. I liked all the artwork. It was fantastic
  • Amazing…1o years! Well done 🙂
  • What a rollercoaster ride! Loop de loop! Come on 2012.
  • Wonderful to be herre
  • The forecast is good
  • Happy anniversary #10 To the next 10
  • Wow! What an achievement! 🙂
  • Lovely work Esp like Clare Annie and Caz
  • All of the above + more. We did it!
  • It’s been a privilige to be part of the Curious Art family
  • Wonderful energy
  • Wish I could have made it to the opening. All wonderful esp Ness + Clare B
There were lots of other great comments and likes from blogs and social media sites like Facebook about the exhibition and artworks exhibited.
The forecast is good.  Artist and future artist
 The forecast is good …     
To view some of the highlights and artwork visit : TEN Years of Being Curious

The Dream Makers

We had a dream! The genesis of an art movement concept was developed over many months in the Winter of 2000. Libby Mills, Ness Bryant and Michael Bryant brought the dream to a reality with the help of over twenty artists forming an Art Cooperative in the Tweed Shire. 

The Dream Makers of Curious Art –
(with a lot more than a little help from their friends)
Vanessa Bryant Michael Bryant and Libby Mills
(Left to Right)

From a conversation to a Ten year old sustainable living entity.

During the winter of 2000 Vanessa Bryant,  Michael Bryant and Libby Mills had a conservation – actually several over several months.
As a very noted dreammaker once proclaimed : I had dream…
So did these three. True not with with the lofty history changing ideals MLK had but altruistic enough for the bush nonetheless.

Gather a group of artistically minded inviduals together, form an art movement just like they used to do way back in the late 18th and early 19th Century.  Oh and find some kind of permanent exhibition space for whole lot of newbie artists. How hard can that be?

Well like any projects that stand the test of time they need help from fellow artists and professionals in the industry. Advice from people  like Tafe Art teacher Lorraine Abernethy and the then Tweed Regional Art Gallery Director Gary Corbett proved invaluable and helped shape the structure of the Cooperative. As did many patrons of the arts for their support.

By Septemeber 2001 the dream was realized. Over twenty artists came together and opened their own art little gallery with an exhibition that talked about to this day.

Curious Art Cooperative was formed, registered and opened their own art gallery space in Chinderah, NSW near Kingscliff. It has provided a sustainable unique cultural assest to the Tweed Shire.

Many thanks to the exhibiting artists during TEN

Lorraine Abernethy – Leisa O’Brien – Gillian Buttress-Grove
Libby Mills – Caz McDougall – Dianne Smith – Annie Higgins
Tracy Hurley Camille Bryant – Susan Togo – Clare Bryant 
Clare Johnson – Ness Bryant – Larraine Bryant
Joanne Cutler – Joscelin Davis and Michael Bryant

International Year of Cooperatives

Curious Art Cooperative located at Chinderah near Kingscliff NSW is celebrating Ten years of being Curious in September  2011

“The co-operative model is of the most obvious significance to a world looking for alternative ways of doing business. People are looking for institutions they can trust.”

The National Steering Committee for the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives has issued a Communiqué following last week’s Summit of Co-operative and Mutual Business Leaders, in Canberra, 17 August 2011 at Old Parliament House.

To read more about the IYC see the link below.

Interestingly Curious Art has operated as a Cooperative business model for the last ten years and is currently celebrating ten years of being Curious during August/September.

Click on the link to read more about the

Curious Art Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition


years of being curious”

That is how the Curious Art Gallery describes the 10 year anniversary art exhibition. The Cooperative Gallery is run by artists who formed the Cooperative in 2001.
The exhibition features Curious Artists and friends
Starts 24/08/11 to 02/10/11
Opening Day: 27/08/11
Further Information: Curious Art Gallery

Sustainability - acrylic on canvas by Tracy Hurley

– acrylic on canvas 50cm x 60cm
A visually stimulating and futuristic work by Tracy Hurley.

This work will be included in a body of work from approx 18 artists who will be exhibiting during TEN.

Lorraine Abernethy – Leisa O’Brien – Gillian Buttress-Grove –
East Writer – Libby Mills –  Caz McDougall – Dianne Smith – Annie Higgins Tracy Hurley –  Camille Bryant  – Susan Togo –  Clare Bryant 
Clare Johnson –  Ness Bryant –  Larraine Bryant –  Joanne Cutler 
Joscelin Davis and Michael Bryant.