love as a journey

Clare Bryant’s most recent work of pen and watercolour pencil on Arches paper is called “Migration and other journeys.”  It celebrates the committment of a newly married couple afloat in a wooden boat as stingrays make their annual migration beneath and all around them.

Please enjoy a sneak peek of this work below.

Love and Breakfast  has ten days remaining. The exhibition concludes 3/7/11

'Migrations and other journeys' by Clare Bryant. Pen and watercolour pencil on Arches paper.

'Migrations and other journeys' by Clare Bryant. Pen and watercolour pencil on Arches paper.

The Dreamer, Drawing by Clare Bryant

60's Lost Photo - Drawing by Clare Bryant



Art Exhibition Opening

Curious Art celebrated the official opening of Clare Bryant’s solo exhibition Love and Breakfast today with the gathering of friends, colleagues, fellow artists and friendly strangers.  Clare’s work is all new, having been completed between March and right up until today – Clare in situ finishing a piece called ‘Sweet Nothings.’

This solo is the culmination of 6 weeks of feverish work, pouring out onto the page.  Many of the works used symbolism, which Clare only realised in retrospect!  It can happen that way.   Since her exhibition began and officially opened today, Clare has sold 2 pieces and was commissioned for one work.  The reception to her work was overwhelmingly positive and effusive.

An elegant spread of chocolate cakes and champagne was enjoyed by everyone at the opening.  The exhibition continues through to Sunday 3 July.  Thank you to all who attended the opening and those continuing to encourage and support the artist.

Clare Bryant working on Sweet Nothings as an installation

Clare Bryant working on 'Sweet Nothings' as an installation. The work 'Sweet Nothings' was started and completed within 36 hours, completed by Clare during the official opening of her solo. It became a kind of installation piece.The piece is called Sweet Nothings. The artist is working on the finishing touches during the official Champagne openingSome of the visitors to Love and Breakfast discussing artThe is the all but completed work in progress Clare was working on during the opening exhibition. It is titled Sweet Nothings. Mixed media on arches paper. Framed under glass.

Clare Bryant can be contacted through Curious Art gallery.