Curious Art – QLD Festival of Photography5 : Autumn Synthesis

Curious Art Gallery has featured several photographic exhibitions throughout the 13 years it has been open. However as part of the Queensland Festival of Photography Autumn Synthesis features photographic artworks from the individual perspectives of several artists, of some of whose preferred visual medium is painting, sculpture and drawing. 

Venue: Curious Art Gallery – 94a Chinderah Bay Dr. Chinderah NSW

Dates: 10/04/14 to 25/05/14 

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Duality Ness Bryant

Duality (detail) by Ness Bryant to be featured in upcoming exhibition

Autumn by Tracy Jay

Autumn by Tracy Jay to be featured in upcoming exhibition


Curious Art Presents: It’s raining owls and prayerbooks

Ness Bryant exhibition

It’s raining owls and prayer books is the anthology of Logan based artist, Ness Bryant. An exploration of past, present and future, the diverse collection features oil and watercolours to a  photographic element- both film and digital.

The title is from a line of a poem of the same title penned by the artist in 2000. The poem, and collection, represent the artists evolution, through the darkness and light of this world.

A mind influenced in early days by life in the madness of religion, to the teenage and young adulthood time of rebellion against christian ideals and  the oppressive nature of our society. And now, a life lived in acceptance of the darkness in us all, but always striving to feed the light.

Ness Bryant is one of the founding members of the Curious Art co-operative, an artistic home for many different creative souls over the past twelve years based in Chinderah, northern NSW.

After relocating to Brisbane and struggling to feel artistic and creative whilst working full time in the child care industry for eight years, Miss Bryant now attempts to create whenever full time motherhood allows.

 “Most of my days and night exploring this world with my young daughter and son, together, feeding the beauty of this place by living a life of gratitude and amazement for the universe in which we dwell.”

Ness Bryant October 2013

And then they came by Ness Bryant

“And then they came by” Diptych- Mixed media by Ness Bryant 
















October 10th – December 1st
Special opening day 12th October 11am – 4pm
Curious Art Gallery
94a Chinderah Bay Dr. Chinderah NSW 2487
Admission: No charge

Curious Artists also represented in this show

Exhibition Works featured in various media:
Photography || Drawing || Painting || Textiles || Jewellery
Found Objects || Photography books

International Year of Cooperatives

Curious Art Cooperative located at Chinderah near Kingscliff NSW is celebrating Ten years of being Curious in September  2011

“The co-operative model is of the most obvious significance to a world looking for alternative ways of doing business. People are looking for institutions they can trust.”

The National Steering Committee for the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives has issued a Communiqué following last week’s Summit of Co-operative and Mutual Business Leaders, in Canberra, 17 August 2011 at Old Parliament House.

To read more about the IYC see the link below.

Interestingly Curious Art has operated as a Cooperative business model for the last ten years and is currently celebrating ten years of being Curious during August/September.

Click on the link to read more about the

Curious Art Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition


years of being curious”

That is how the Curious Art Gallery describes the 10 year anniversary art exhibition. The Cooperative Gallery is run by artists who formed the Cooperative in 2001.
The exhibition features Curious Artists and friends
Starts 24/08/11 to 02/10/11
Opening Day: 27/08/11
Further Information: Curious Art Gallery

Sustainability - acrylic on canvas by Tracy Hurley

– acrylic on canvas 50cm x 60cm
A visually stimulating and futuristic work by Tracy Hurley.

This work will be included in a body of work from approx 18 artists who will be exhibiting during TEN.

Lorraine Abernethy – Leisa O’Brien – Gillian Buttress-Grove –
East Writer – Libby Mills –  Caz McDougall – Dianne Smith – Annie Higgins Tracy Hurley –  Camille Bryant  – Susan Togo –  Clare Bryant 
Clare Johnson –  Ness Bryant –  Larraine Bryant –  Joanne Cutler 
Joscelin Davis and Michael Bryant.