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The 3 G Girls - Joscelin, Anastasia and Joanne bring individual art syles together in an exhibition Three Generations with a commonality of  land  people and place.

The 3 G Girls
Joscelin, and Anastasia Davis and Joanne Cutler.
They bring individual art syles together in their joint exhibition Three Generations.  
An ecletic mix with a commonality of  land,  people and place.

Joanne Cutler, daughter Joscelin Davis and grand daughter Anastasia Davis combine their individual art styles to exhibit a display of eclectic art.  Photography, paintings, drawing and sculpture reflect a calmness of character and a commonality throughout showing a strong connection to the land, its people and a love of animals. Surrounded by inspiration for creative expression they paint and create as a family. Joanne, Joscelin and Anastasia represent 3 Generations of art and life experiences through the years.

THREE GENERATIONS will be opening  on October 5th to 27th November. 
Curious Art Gallery
94a Chinderah Bay Rd Chinderah 
Official Opening: Sunday 9th October 12pm. All welcome. Admission No Cost.
Gallery Hours
Wednesday to Saturday. 11am-5pm (dst)
Sunday 11am – 4pm (dst)

One week remains for The TEN year exhibition

Myth 2 - Walanapanapa/ Hawaii. Oil on canvas by renowed Kingscliff artist Lorraine Abernethy

Myth 2 Oil on Canvas by renowed Kingscliff artist Lorraine Abernethy.
Detail – approx 80cm x 180cm. One of the many artworks available during TEN

Yes only one week left for the current Curious Art exhibition  TEN.

It has been a pleasure working here amongst so many great artworks by so many talented local artists. A big thanks to all involved.
Drop by the Gallery to have a look at this milestone exhibition for the now ten year young Art Cooperative.

There are close to 100 various artworks: Jewellery, photography, drawings, paintings, sculpture, art books by local artists,
Art furniture! And as they say lots more! Something for everyone’s budget.
From simple original artcards from $4.oo to the dynamic investment piece artwork by Lorraine Abertnethy @ $3,600 AUD

The Gallery is located at Chinderah, near Kingscliff. Visit the website  for further details.

The Dream Makers

We had a dream! The genesis of an art movement concept was developed over many months in the Winter of 2000. Libby Mills, Ness Bryant and Michael Bryant brought the dream to a reality with the help of over twenty artists forming an Art Cooperative in the Tweed Shire. 

The Dream Makers of Curious Art –
(with a lot more than a little help from their friends)
Vanessa Bryant Michael Bryant and Libby Mills
(Left to Right)

From a conversation to a Ten year old sustainable living entity.

During the winter of 2000 Vanessa Bryant,  Michael Bryant and Libby Mills had a conservation – actually several over several months.
As a very noted dreammaker once proclaimed : I had dream…
So did these three. True not with with the lofty history changing ideals MLK had but altruistic enough for the bush nonetheless.

Gather a group of artistically minded inviduals together, form an art movement just like they used to do way back in the late 18th and early 19th Century.  Oh and find some kind of permanent exhibition space for whole lot of newbie artists. How hard can that be?

Well like any projects that stand the test of time they need help from fellow artists and professionals in the industry. Advice from people  like Tafe Art teacher Lorraine Abernethy and the then Tweed Regional Art Gallery Director Gary Corbett proved invaluable and helped shape the structure of the Cooperative. As did many patrons of the arts for their support.

By Septemeber 2001 the dream was realized. Over twenty artists came together and opened their own art little gallery with an exhibition that talked about to this day.

Curious Art Cooperative was formed, registered and opened their own art gallery space in Chinderah, NSW near Kingscliff. It has provided a sustainable unique cultural assest to the Tweed Shire.

Many thanks to the exhibiting artists during TEN

Lorraine Abernethy – Leisa O’Brien – Gillian Buttress-Grove
Libby Mills – Caz McDougall – Dianne Smith – Annie Higgins
Tracy Hurley Camille Bryant – Susan Togo – Clare Bryant 
Clare Johnson – Ness Bryant – Larraine Bryant
Joanne Cutler – Joscelin Davis and Michael Bryant