Sweet nothings

Nine days into Clare Bryant’s solo exhibition finds her work reaching an enthusuastic audience.  The work which she was completing during her official opening as a kind of installation, has been completed, matted and framed under glass. 

It is of two figures, male and female, with the male coming in from above seen to be whispering sweet nothings into the ear of his love, and mother of his child, embryo seen in utero.  The woman appears blissfully content and full of love.  This is a very happy art work, with warm primary colours, and a leap away from Clare’s signature darker works.

The work is done in pen and watercolour pencil on 600gsm Arches paper with deckled edging.  The paper has a beautiful texture and was inspiring to work on.  The paper really loves a watercolour wash.

Clare’s exhibition “Love and Breakfast” at Curious Art gallery runs until Sunday 3 July 2011.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings

Art Exhibition Opening

Curious Art celebrated the official opening of Clare Bryant’s solo exhibition Love and Breakfast today with the gathering of friends, colleagues, fellow artists and friendly strangers.  Clare’s work is all new, having been completed between March and right up until today – Clare in situ finishing a piece called ‘Sweet Nothings.’

This solo is the culmination of 6 weeks of feverish work, pouring out onto the page.  Many of the works used symbolism, which Clare only realised in retrospect!  It can happen that way.   Since her exhibition began and officially opened today, Clare has sold 2 pieces and was commissioned for one work.  The reception to her work was overwhelmingly positive and effusive.

An elegant spread of chocolate cakes and champagne was enjoyed by everyone at the opening.  The exhibition continues through to Sunday 3 July.  Thank you to all who attended the opening and those continuing to encourage and support the artist.

Clare Bryant working on Sweet Nothings as an installation

Clare Bryant working on 'Sweet Nothings' as an installation. The work 'Sweet Nothings' was started and completed within 36 hours, completed by Clare during the official opening of her solo. It became a kind of installation piece.The piece is called Sweet Nothings. The artist is working on the finishing touches during the official Champagne openingSome of the visitors to Love and Breakfast discussing artThe is the all but completed work in progress Clare was working on during the opening exhibition. It is titled Sweet Nothings. Mixed media on arches paper. Framed under glass.

Clare Bryant can be contacted through Curious Art gallery.

Curious Art exhibition reveals the games people play..

in life, love and friendship. 

Inspired by the spy thriller classic movie Spy Games with Brad Pitt, Robert Redford and Catherine McCormack, lines of loyalty and borders of availability are stretched as the need arises.  What we do for love can not always be accounted for.  Love might be a wolf in sheep’s coat knocking at your door.  As in the movie Spy Games, though, Clare Bryant’s fourth solo exhibition Love and Breakfast demonstrates that occasionally you need to take a risk and answer the door.  Maybe it is just love, life and friendship.

Clare Bryant’s exhibiton goes from 18 May – 3 July 2001, with a proper champagne opening on Saturday 21 May, 11am.

Clare has already sold two works from this new body of work and is currently working on a commission. 

808 State

808 State - Pen and watercolour pencil on 640 gsm Arches watercolour paper with deckled edging. SOLD

Curious Art artist Clare Bryant’s solo exhibition “Love and Breakfast”

Sometimes love, romantic love is an epic, requiring the backing of a full orchestra.  Sometimes between friends, family, and lovers it can be small intimate moments; sometimes ordinary breakfast-type, pedestrian instances.  

With love you can find you need space.  Some of Clare’s works subsequently are of characters who go to that needed aloneness, stillness, while still full of love and life swimming around them.  And sometimes you cannot get close enough, were you to even wear the same skin. 

Love and Breakfast is the fourth solo exhibition at Curious Art showing her newest body of work and more recent poetry.  On the heels of a major life tailspin, the entire body of work was started and completed within two months.  Clare often worked twelve to fifteen hour days on these detailed works in pen and watercolour pencil.  The works express alot of love, for the soup of life we are in and the people with whom we share the cup.

Dripping in high tea

Dripping in high tea

Curious Art presents…

….Clare Bryant’s coming solo exhibition “Love and Breakfast,” her fouth with the art co-operative gallery.  Inspired by the iconic movie Spy Games with Robert Redford, Brad Pitt and Catherine McCormack, the movie directed by Tony Scott in 2001, where love can be found in between bullets.

“Love and Breakfast” examines the dialogue between lovers, friends, loved ones and one’s self, and finding often that more and more space is needed!  And sometimes you cannot get close enough.  Subsequently quite a few of the works are of solitary figures in rich landscapes; or creatures morphed into their dreamscape. 

The movie Spy Games shows retiring CIA agent Nathan Muir recalling his training of Tom Bishop while working against agency politics to free him from his Chinese captors…  One intimate, private scene shared between Pitt’s and McCormack’s characters delivers a single frame that inspired Clare Bryant’s fresh body of work.

 “Love and Breakfast” begins on the 18 May 2011, 11 am, with a lovely champagne opening on Saturday 21 May 11am.  See you there 🙂

This image is a drawing in pen of a young, beautiful French woman, with lng hair and sad eyes, sitting on a marble floor, next to a pond with lillies.

“Conservatory” by Clare Bryant

Pen on aged paper, 2011.