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Up Against the Wall

Curious Art’s new exhibition. Meaning different things to different people.

It could be that feeling of beautiful warmth leaning against a wind sheltered wall after a swim in winter. It could be the hard pressed feeling humans find themselves in when life is challenging them for any number of reasons.

The  Gallery loved the simplicity of an exhibition with one work on the wall for each artists and the rest leaning against walls!

Up Against the Wall also relates to the individual struggles of artists dating back when artists first practiced their trade craft in return for money, goods or services. 

The modern-day situation really has not changed that much. Many are called; few are chosen. Nevertheless we create for the pleasure it creates for us and hopefully, others. And if this means that it puts us up against the wall from time to time, so be it!

Curious Artist Clare Johnson philosophises the world around her through the eyes of her artistisic creation, Miss Prissy
Curious Artist, Clare Johnson is able to philosophise the world around her through the eyes of her artistic creation, Miss Prissy.

If any artist ever lived his life ‘up against the wall,’ it was Vincent van Gogh. For a man who sold less than $100 in his own lifetime, his art work now attracts hundreds of millions of dollars yet more importantly gives hundreds of millions of people pleasure everyday from viewing his artworks.

Are we not glad that he did not collapse and give in, but leant against the “wall” and carried on? What a gift and inspiration we have from him.

Works in this exhibition include : Photography, paintings, drawings, art furniture, jewellery, art cards, prints, + art books.